The Three Most Beautiful Paradise in Bima Regency, You Must Come!

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The Three Most Beautiful Paradise in Bima Regency, You Must Come!

Sabtu, 15 April 2017
Beautiful Coconut Island/ Credit: Youtube

Bima,— Invite your friends and family to participated, as your discover new experiences in your life. Do not delay, because Bima land will wellcome you with the charm of natural beauty and culture diversity.  Bima Regency has three beatiful hidden paradise. You should know and come here.

Coconut Island
Coconut Island is a small island with an area of three thousands hectare. Surrounded by white and brown sand. The island is located in Lambu Village area of Lambu District, Bima Regency of West Nusatenggara Province and is facing directly with Komodo Island in East Nusatenggara Province.
To reach the island, can use speed boat from Sape Port. The island are distinctive beauty for visitor with  fun and excitement waves appear as melodious sound of cool, distant, peaceful heart and sadness will disappear instanly. If you are thirsty the expanse of coconut tree are ready to accompany and wetting your heart with ion containing liquid.

Wane Beach
Wane Beach is a maritime tourism object in the area of marine water of the southern ocean, which is located in Tolotongga Village of Monta District of Bima Regency. Wane Beach is facing Indonesia Ocean and the beach is located in an area with Rontu Beach, located around 45 km from the capital city of Bima Regency and 30 minutes from Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport of Bima. The beach has white sand and fantastic beautiful mountain scenery and more interesting is huge sea wave and very popular by tourist. Suitble for coastal activities such as surfing, jet ski, beach volleyball and vorius water sport touris activities. The location can be reached by using two or four wheel vehicles. Visiting the beach make your forget everything.

Kalaki Coast Tourism Object
Kalaki Coast located in Bima Bay is a crowded area visited by people around the Regency and Bima Municipality. White sandy beach, the sea water are not choppy coupled with the beautiful scenery of huge mountains sorrounding, also support the existence of Kalaki Coast as an option traveled. The object is very strategic, just 2 km from Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport and 11 km from Bima City. Kalaki Coas is accessible by public bus or private vehicle. The tourism object of Kalaki Coast is relevant site as the localtion for tourism activities. The availability of tourism facilities are adequate, such as water bicyle, jet ski and also as the location of the festival of the local and national day presenting special shows and entertainment performance. (US/*)